chess pieces Galba (90mm), double weighted with luxury box

  • chess pieces Galba (90mm),  double weighted with luxury box
  • chess pieces Galba (90mm),  double weighted with luxury box
  • chess pieces Galba (90mm),  double weighted with luxury box

chess pieces

chess pieces with luxury box, type Galba

king size 3,5" / 90mm
design: Art Deco
woods: palisander and boxwood

Cut from palisander and boxwood, these Art Deco chess pieces are a chic, cylindrically shaped series of contemporary pieces. There minimalist design brings with it a simplicity we often forget when engaged in the complex game of Chess. The pawns, with there robust, cone shape, convey the idea of this simplicity fantastically, confounding the Art Deco series’ primary characteristic of cerebral clarity. The bold geometric shapes are more clean-cut than traditional chess pieces, with the bishops and knights noticeably adherent to Art Deco conventions rather than the Staunton style. The bases of the chessmen are from  leather. The chess pieces are of course weighted in their bases and exhibit superb balance. They are even double weighted.

Chess pieces are weighted? Double, triple, single. What's it all mean?

Weighted chess pieces are typically more desirable. As a result few unweighted sets exist. The added weight lowers the center of gravity for a more stable piece. The terms are somewhat subjective, but generally, they range from unweighted to extra-weight. The most common weights are double and triple, with the double being very comfortable, and the triple, noticeably heavy.

The beautiful chess pieces come with a chess box. The box is lined with a soft material to protect the pieces and includes a removable center divider so that you can separate the colors if you choose. The best chess box available, comes with the pieces!


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Warning! Not suitable for children under 3 years due to small parts! Danger of suffocation.

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