Manual for chess trainers Step 5

  • Manual for chess trainers Step 5

Manual for chess trainers Step 5

240 pages with drawings


Introductory articles about:

Subject material (prior knowledge, concepts, transfer, tactics, strategy, attacking the king, opening, endgame, defending)
Individual development
Finding a good move
Analysing a position
The trainer
Playing chess on the computer (evaluation of a position, which move is the best?, replacing the trainer?, solving exercises on the computer)
Chess literature

Comparing with other books for beginners the step-by-step method introduces an unique sequence of the teaching material. Learning how to mate is postponed as long as possible. This sounds astonishing and even incredible but up till now, practice has shown that this approach works perfectly. Children learn to play chess very well, for sure if they get enough time in between to play and practice.


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