DGT e-board bluetooth walnut without chess pieces

  • DGT e-board bluetooth walnut without chess pieces

e-board without chesspieces

DGT e-board bluetooth Walnut without chess pieces

The DGT Wireless e-Board for individual use. The DGT Wireless e-Board uses Bluetooth to connect with the PC or laptop computer. It is available in Rosewood only and can be used in combination with any of the DGT chess sets: Timeless, Ebony, Royal, Classic or Venus.

The external appearance is of a beautiful traditional inlaid wooden chessboard. Inside it is filled with state of the art DGT technology. The DGT wireless electronic chess board connects to your PC via Bluetooth or USB cable.

Three-color LED status indicator, increased scanning (6 scans per second),firmware upgrade feature for future software enhancements and new functions. Use it to play online, against internet opponents or against any major chess playing program.

Or, use it to record your games or to broadcast your games live on the internet. Set up any position without the need to run through a game from the start as the board’s sensor technology fast en accurately recognizes all individual pieces by colour and type.

The board stores up to 500 moves in its internal memory. Wooden electronic chess pieces included, Four queens included. The DGT XL chess clock (optional) connects to the board.

Some of the special features of the DGT Wireless e-Board are:

  • 10+ meters Bluetooth true-wireless communication and approximately 40+ meters successfully tested indoors with high quality dongle.
    • USB wired communication (3.5 meter mini-USB cable included)
    • 24 hours full play rechargeable Li-Ion battery, rechargeable over USB cable to PC or main adapter.
    • Three-color LED status indicator.
    • Increased scanning speed (6 scans/second).
    • Firmware upgrade feature makes it easy to install future software enhancements and new functions.
    • DGT XL clock functions as display for board instructions.
    • More detailed information you can find the Manual: of the DGT Bluetooth e-board.

The Bluetooth e-Board was not developed for a tournament set-up and only a small number of Bluetooth boards can be used together in a tournament to broadcast the games.

Please note that the DGT LiveChess software currently does not yet support the Bluetooth e-Boards. For a tournament set-up the DGT serial tournament e-Boards should be used which allow a large number of boards to be connected together either using cables or the wireless DGT Caïssa System

The DGT XL or DGT3000 chess clock connects to the board and the opponent’s moves are shown on the clock’s display. (not included)

Expected delivery 7 - 10 working days

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Warning! Not suitable for children under 3 years due to small parts! Danger of suffocation.

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