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Easy Timer Digital Chess Clock  Crimson Cruz

The Easy Game Timer digital chess clock from DGT Projects is stylish, easy to use and easy to setup. It can be programmed for games up to 9 hours and 59 minutes and can be used for both countdown and count-up starting from zero. It is an ideal clock for chess beginners and chess players that are budget conscious and do not need the advanced features offered on more expensive models. It is very attractive and is manufactured by the leader in digital excellence, DGT Projects.

The DGT Easy clocks are extremely strong and durable and very suitable for children. High quality and absolute simplicity in an elegant design. Use at school, club or home. This upgraded version has larger display, improved lever operation and extra timing option. Move timer, game timer and count-up options are included as well as move timer save option.
Individual time settings are possible for each player. Handy front buttons, simple one-touch reset and optional buzzer.

Easy timer digital chess clock Crimson Cruz, a very nice clock.

DGT Easy Game Timer digital chess clock Crimson Cruz technical specifications:
Battery life: approximately 2 years
Display size: 126 x 23 mm
Housing: ABS plastic
Accuracy: within 1 second per hour
Manual: included in 6 languages

12 month warranty

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