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Browse our selection of chess pieces and find the perfect chess set for yourself. We have some great chess sets. There are a variety of textures of chess pieces to choose from including wooden, luxury wooden, plastic chess pieces. You can also choose from many different styles of chess pieces as well. We have modern and classic sets. Our range of chess sets combines the best selection of chess pieces and boards into perfectly matched sets. The chess sets always come with a storage box.

We hope you will buy your chess set from us once you have seen the vast range of styles, sizes and wood types we have on offer.

schaakstukken op schaakbord

schaakbord shop means chessboard shop in dutch. We are a well known online chess store in the netherlands.

watch the picture blog:

schaakbord-shop! Online chess store for chessboards, pieces and chess clocks!
De schaakbord-shop is de online schaakwinkel voor uw schaakbord, schaakstukken en schaakklokken!
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